Brian Rupert

Engaging website strategy, design, development, and marketing.

Here is what I can do to help make your business stronger

Engage and attract your customers

Let’s work together to get you more customers for less money. I will help you get to the core of the value that you provide to your customers and craft relevant and creative messaging that is distributed where your customers are looking.

Let's give users what they want. Obviously.

Giving customers the information they need and fulfilling business goals requires an efficient site structure and intuitive interface. Prioritizing user needs, business goals and creating an enjoyable user experience will help you achieve your website goals.

How it actually looks matters more

A great strategy and design need to function properly on all devices. I use HTML5, CSS, and javascript (when needed) to markup websites using Responsive techniques and test across all major browsers and devices.

Knowing is half the battle

Knowing the actual performance of your website is essential to fulfilling your business goals. An analytics strategy and periodic monitoring and analysis allows us to rate the effectiveness of marketing methods, content, interface elements, and promotions. Then we can improve everything using that data. I am Google Analytics Certified.

A website that pulls its weight

Websites have to actively attract new business and fulfill the goals of your company. Together we can create a website strategy that has tangible, trackable goals and guides your customers towards conversion.

Looks matter

A website needs to reflect the values and attitude of your brand. To attract and engage your customers I will design a clean and consistent design that represents your brand on all devices.

Let's put the power in your hands

For many websites WordPress can be the perfect tool to manage website content. It is widely used, simple, well-documented, and free. I can get your website themed and launched using WordPress enabling you to manage your content.

Building actual objects

When I am not crafting strategies and arranging pixels I really love building things. Garages. Finishing Basements. Master suites. Bow and arrow sets. Decks. Patios. This probably isn’t relevant to you, but maybe someday it could be.

Here is some work I have done in the past

Unfortunately I don't have all of this put together quite yet, but I am actively working on it and should post it soon. If you are curious about projects I have been a part of give me a call and we can discuss it.

I am a dad. A husband. A website maker person. A community builder.

I have two crazy boys that are 9 and 11. They are into sports, Lego, Minecraft, Nerf guns, riding bikes, wreaking havoc with their friends, and trying to manipulate me to do their bidding. Classic American boy stuff. Everything I do it is for them.

My wife is pretty awesome. And arguably crazy. She is the hardest worker I know and I truly admire her drive. After five years of being a CPA she abandoned it because it wasn’t fulfilling enough. She spent four years being a mom while deciding what to do when she grows up. That led her to, after being out of college for 12 years, applying to and being accepted to the University of Iowa Dental School. She put in countless hours and is now a really great dentist. She has a startup dental practice in Hill City, South Dakota.

Day to day I work from my home, Hill City Dental, or The Garagehelping startups and small businesses with websites, monitoring analytics, developing marketing and website strategies, and building a vibrant startup community in the Black Hills. I have a degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska (GO BIG RED!) and have been working in advertising, marketing, and web development since 2000. I co-founded a successful web development company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that I left so that my wife could pursue her dream and have a career she enjoys. Running an interactive agency gave me the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients to pitch ideas, learn about their industries, quote websites, manage projects, design sites, code sites, QA sites, and win a few awards along the way.

Here is how you can get in touch with me

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